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www.dairyyellowpages is being promoted with the objective of highlighting the activities of Dairy Industry In India. Our objective is to promote this website as a place for providing every possible information related to Dairy Industry  in India.

Indian Dairy industry is moving ahead with a crown feather of being number one milk producing country in the word. It is not a mean feet and has not been achieved by any one individually, it is the result of combined effort of every one related to dairy industry in India.

We have the pleasure of being associated with dairy industry for over a decade and at this point when every Dairy Man is trying its best to contribute for the development of this industry we too felt a moral duty of joining our hands for this noble cause.

I have seen the notes of many noble laureates in various books and magazines by way of their messages that “There is a great need of systematic source of information for the development of dairy industry in India.”

 I thought I will take the responsibility of doing what little I can do for providing information about dairy industry through this website for the benefit of any one and every one who is looking for a source of information about Indian dairy industry on the internet.

I would greatly need the support of every one by way of contribution of information for this website.

Finally I will say every one is invited to contribute every bit of information, his suggestions and his experience etc. he feels would be of use for others.

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